Kids Room Organization

The singular most important thing you can do to keep your child’s room tidy is to get them to own it! Tell your kids their room is like their own little apartment. It is.  It is their personal space and if they can take ownership, I believe it will be a game changer!

They will better care for and respect their belongings if they are allowed the freedom to choose what stays and what goes and even how to arrange and decorate their room. The more “power-to-choose” you delegate to them in the area of their personal belongings, the more, they’ll actually want to maintain order.

That’s exactly what happened for me with my middle child. He is creative and inventive and actually likes order but was consistently struggling to keep his stuff off the floor. Suggesting the idea of his room being his “little apartment” seemed to help him take pride and ownership of the appearance of his space and his floor has been clean and clear!

In every kid’s room I have seen, the common denominator is the fact that kids simply own too much stuff! Their room is overflowing with all kinds of toys, books, clothes, shoes, accessories, collections and just plain trash! Often there is a mix of clean and dirty clothes on the floor along with a mixture of all the items mentioned above. If their room is in chaos and disorder, they won’t want to spend any time in there and neither will anyone else. I suggest using the furniture in the room to create physical boundaries for their items (i.e. when the lid on the toy box no longer closes, it’s time to get rid of some things and no new toys can enter the room).

The last thing they need is MORE. But I’m going to suggest it anyway! I recommend adding three things to your child’s room if they don’t already have them: A trash can, a laundry basket, and a donation box for items they no longer want. Don’t worry! we’ll find a place to put these potentially bulky items, once we purge!!

Clothes: Get all the dirty clothes out. Pile all the clean clothes on a clear “palette” (the bed). Sort through each article and make a decision. If it fits and if it loved, place it in the “keep” pile; If not, toss into their donation box. Don’t get hung up on how much you paid for it; it no longer works for this child so it must go. If possible, hang all shirts and tops. It is helpful for kids to visually see everything they own if it is hung. Smaller items can go in labeled drawers.

Toys, books, games, shoes: working with one category at a time, put all items in a pile in the center of the room and quickly sort: donate, trash, keep. Anything that is broken, has missing pieces, is outgrown or unloved has to go. Only keep what is loved and used. After this big purging process, your child will find it much easier to care for the remaining items and keep the room  tidy.

Paper: most paper in the child’s can go straight to “file 13”; trash (read recycle). There are those “treasures” however, that they’ll want to hang onto. We do two things with the “keep” papers. We’ll hang them or put  then in their 3-ring binder of keepsakes. They choose what is kept and whether it is displayed or stored. The wall space acts as a natural boundary limit. If there’s no additional room to display, then something needs to come down.

Bottom line: get your kids to “own” their space and give them freedom to make decisions about their stuff. Give them guidance and boundaries using existing furniture in the room to set physical limits and “maximum capacity” for their stuff.

And lastly, give grace. Progress trumps perfection. The goal is to empower our kids not to control them.

Happy organizing and happy parenting!


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Get your home ready for holiday guests!

As you prepare your heart to celebrate this Christmas season, preparing your home is also necessary for gatherings large or small.  Shoving everything into a closet, or the garage may have been the default, desperate, last-minute “go-to” solution you chose in the past, but may I suggest a different approach?  Hire a professional organizer to achieve lasting results and true order.  Didn’t know such a thing existed? Yes, it’s true this industry is gaining awareness and growing in demand (especially around this time of year)! A Professional Organizer works with you to de-clutter your home and identifies an appropriate permanent location for each item to be stored. You receive encouragement and coaching, never judgment but genuine helpfulness for implementing the best organizational system for you to maintain a clean and organized home.

Getting organized is a great gift for your yourself and your family!  Welcome guests with confidence this season and throughout the New Year! Celebrate the birth of Christ in a freshly organized, warm and welcoming home!

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Merry Christmas!

Revolution Thrift. My top pick for donations. Here’s why…

I proudly support San Antonio’s newest Thrift shop, Revolution Thrift. Revolution Thrift has been attracting attention from the community as many seek to support the vision of bringing hope and healing to the people of our city!
Founder Rachel Kelley, envisioned a local thrift store that would donate 100% of its profits to local charities in the community. In this way, the residents of San Antonio could give back to their city by simply donating and shopping.
I frequently say “clean and clear” or “purge, purge, purge”! I can tell you with bold confidence, this is where I send my surplus! And as many of you already know, it’s also where I send your surplus, if I’ve worked with you recently! I love to help my clients become free of the burden of owning too much stuff! Now I can confidently give to an organization that believes, as I do, in an holistic approach to changing lives in San Antonio! I fully believe in the ministries they’re partnered with: Christian Hope Resource Center, Grace House, and Ransomed Life, to name a few.
Consider how you can get involved in catching the vision of Revolution Thrift!
Shop. Volunteer. Donate. Give.
You won’t regret it!

Keep Table Clear =Meals Together

Is your dining table a “catch all” surface used as a landing pad for incoming mail, backpacks, school books, unpacked grocery bags, laundry, and a myriad of other random items?  With a large family, trust me, I can relate!

As a professional organizer, I have the privilege of going into many homes to help others tidy up and bring order! One common trouble spot seems to consistently be the kitchen table. So, I felt it was a worthy topic for this post.  Any horizontal surface is a “hot spot” for clutter but the kitchen or dining room table are even more prone to collecting a hodgepodge of stuff simply because of their location! Think about it. The table is, in most homes, close to the laundry room, the kitchen and the front door!

I was invited into the home of a creative, young single mom who I’ll call Ann.  The scope of the project was to help bring order to the art supplies which seemed to be taking over the entire house.  As I was given the tour of the space, I noticed the kitchen table was hiding under a large pile of laundry among other many other things.  As we gained momentum, and reached that section of the home, Ann was motivated to “find the kitchen table.”  After our work was completed for the day, her table was cleared and Ann was inspired! She proudly proclaimed, “I’m going to make a special dinner tonight! My kids will be so excited!”  Ann texted me the following day to share that her children were most assuredly excited to have a meal together at the kitchen table! She shared that normally they made themselves sandwiches and ate in their rooms. The simple act of “finding the kitchen table” as Ann put it, made a powerful impact on her and her children!

Do you need to “find” your table?  May Ann’s story be an encouraging motivator for you to clear that critical space in your home and commit to keep it clear. Share family meals together.

When was that last time you ate a meal together around the table with your family?  Can’t remember?  Well, how about start fresh and let it be today!

Please contact to share your success story!