How much do you charge? Rates are hourly. Although specific cost varies according to the specific type of organizing job and the scope of your project our rates are extremely competitive. Call to set up an Initial Assessment then shop around!

How long does it take to get organized? That depends on how much space we’re organizing, how much stuff you own and how quickly you make decisions. Every project and person is so unique and organizing is a process but generally, positive results can be seen within 4-6 hours.

What is the difference between a housecleaning service and hiring a Professional Organizer? A housecleaning service will clean the “shell” of your home such as floors, surfaces, fixtures and baseboards. Housecleaners can work independently.  A Professional Organizer works with you to de-clutter your space and find a permanent place for each item in your home, helping you implement the best organizational system for you to maintain a clean and organized home.

Do I have to buy specific organizing products?  We always try to use what you already own first. Purchasing specific items is not necessary but we may be able to recommend helpful items if desired.

How does this process work? What can I expect? An initial assessment is scheduled to gather information and answer questions.  At the initial assessment: 1) the home or space is toured 2) Challenges and goals are discussed and a verbal plan is formed 3) Organizing begins (the most commonly used approach is Empty, Sort, Purge, Replace, Label). 4) The project is complete or the allotted time expires and a next visit is scheduled, if necessary.

Why should I hire ABC Organize? We are committed to providing the highest level of organizing services. We work efficiently; never judging but ever-encouraging and motivating you toward the “finish line”. Experienced in working with many types of individuals and just as many organizing projects, we are passionate about organizing and helping others become free from the burden of owning too much stuff. We’ll help you achieve and maintain order so you can regain control of your space, time and your life!

What are your hours? Summer Hours: M-F 9am-6pm Sat. 8am-9pm

Non-Summer Hours: M-F 3pm-8pm Sat. 8am-9pm

How did you get started doing this type of work? I began organizing for friends and neighbors and then began receiving additional organizing projects through referrals.


What types of customers have you worked with?

  • Homeschool families: sorted all curriculum.
  • Public school organization leaders: organized the PTA closet.
  • Church staff: organized the ESL office.
  • Hoarders: removed 40 bags of donations and trash
  • Busy single moms: organized entire house and garage one space at a time over the course of several months
  • Perfectionists: organized a garage and gave a master closet a much needed makeover.
  • Elderly: while organizing anything from paperwork to linens, our older customers are a treasure to serve

What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a professional organizer? It is helpful to know the Organizers style and approach to organizing. An organizer may have a “coaching style”, offering instruction and supervision but did not actually doing the work along side you. Ask if the professional organizer you are considering for hire “digs in” with you to empty, sort, purge, classify, arrange, and store your items. You’re looking for someone that has the vision of the end result and a “hands on” approach to get you to the “finish line” quickly.


What questions should customers think through before talking to a Professional Organizer about their project? Consider your total budget and If items need to be purchased to best achieve organizing goals. Example: I organized a garage in which utility shelving was needed. We proceeded without them which was not ideal but they were purchased later and garage was reorganized ultimately costing more.

A helpful video resource about hiring a P.O.


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