How to Organize a Deep Pantry
Deep Pantry AFTER

How to Organize a Deep Pantry

Do you have a deep, closet-stye pantry?  Does your food expire before you use it because you forgot you even had that item way back there?

If your home has a pantry with deep shelves, you may find that food gets lost and forgotten about in the far back section.  If you aren’t able to see all your food stuff, you may forget what you have and repurchase duplicate items and food is more likely to go rancid before you use it because it’s buried.

On this pantry project, we had a couple of challenges to address: the shelves were too deep and there weren’t enough of them. There were only four shelves! That is definitely not enough for a pantry.  We revamped this modest pantry in two important ways:

  1. two shelves were added
  2. the depth of the shelves were reduced by almost half

By making these two small adjustments, we created custom space, perfectly designed to store the staple items for this household. Now all items can be stored together according to kind, container type and size.  Everything is in plain sight and easy to retrieve.  It feels so much cleaner too!

I would encourage you to identify ways to make similar modifications to your deep pantry so it looks and feels more organized.  The key is to assess your staples and see how you can make custom-tailored space for each category within your space to be easily seen and used. No more wasted food. See what you have. Use what you have.

Happy Organizing!

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