“Amanda is so quick and efficient…I am learning so much from her. She is truly a blessing!”  ~Kathy L.

“Amanda was very flexible and personable. I will be hiring her again!” ~Robin N.

“Amanda not only does a great job but she works quickly. She has great organizational ideas.”  ~Heather C.

“I’m so so glad that I had Amanda come over to tackle my son’s room.  My son was so happy with the results that he kept thanking her over and over again.  It’s been a few weeks and he still has a clean room and he still loves sitting in his chair to read his books.   Amanda is very sweet and efficient.  I will DEFINITELY have her over again and again.”   ~Cindy B.

“Amanda is very alert and adept at accomplishing the needs of the project. She is very courteous and capable.” ~ E. Hamilton

If your home (or just a room) could use an organizational overhaul, Amanda Bernal is the one to call! She came prepared and ready to work with many fresh ideas, helping me immediately target the problem areas in my kitchen, re-organize my cabinet shelves and pantry, and brought a new pair of eyes to problem solve the trouble spots that come about by living in a household with seven people. Our time together was incredibly efficient, and she was prepared to help the newly organized spaces STAY organized with labels for the shelves. She followed up the visit by sending me links for reasonably-priced organizational helps, and of course, she had already measured the space and knew the exact size to purchase. Her recommendations have made a tremendous difference in areas that wouldn’t stay organized before! In the long run, taking the time to organize has saved me time on a daily basis! And to top it off, I thoroughly enjoyed her company…..a cheerful, pleasant personality! ~ J. Jones